You Maybe Fall In Love With Top 5 Footballer Homes

Five Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Top 5 Footballer Homes

What a footballer’s do with their massive salaries? They buy unnecessarily massive houses. Here’s five of the very best in servo sports top five footballer homes.


You Maybe Fall In Love With Top 5 Footballer Homes


Number 5:

Number five takes us to Rama dread and Cocozza former home which is now inhabited by Gaba bail. when Michael Owned moved to Real Madrid he complained that he never really settled because he lived in a hotel Sibel decided to to go straight into this extremely modern two-story four-bedroom house in Madrid’s extremely posh laughing kana burr hood. It’s got a six-car garage indoor and outdoor pools, a gym, and eight-foot metal fence with guard posts to keep you out and a stunning view of the city. He can actually see the Bernabeu from his balcony. His neighbors include his best buddy Cristiano Ronaldo his manager Zinedine Zidane Fernando Torres and Penelope Cruz. I think she’s Madrid’s right back or something I’m not sure. The Welshman’s home is worth around 9 million dollars according to the Daily Mail and he pays a call $14,000 a month in rent.


You Maybe Fall In Love With Top 5 Footballer Homes

Gareth Bale

Number 4:

Number four is the technically retired player but his insane NEW YORK city crib has to be noted is Thierry on reap. When he’s in the city he’s 5,600 square feet of floor space and 4,500 square feet of outdoor space which is unbelievable Manhattan. It’s got 17-foot floor-to-ceiling windows for views of the city separate kitchen quarters fresh chef and his neighbors include Alicia Keys, Nicole Kidman, and Lenny Kravitz. Anri’s house in London, by the way, is also something special. He once tried to install 40-foot aquarium that ran through all three stories but the damn Council shut him down her shoe council.


You Maybe Fall In Love With Top 5 Footballer Homes

                                                                           Thierry Henry

Number 3:

Steve Ireland whose mansion in Cheshire is ever so slightly bling. The six bedroom property has a cinema, a spa, a pool and snooker room with a few personalized tables and several rooms that look like they were decorated by a small child who’s had too much sugar. Outside the store, a star has a full fiber side caught with 20-foot floodlights and a large cage around it. It angered folks in his posh neighborhood because he didn’t have planning permission for it. But they’re probably just as angry that he drives in and out of his house in customized cars. Money can’t buy class off the field.


You Maybe Fall In Love With Top 5 Footballer Homes

Stephen Ireland

Number 2:

Number two takes us to Madrid’s laughing can a bur hood again it’s Cristiano Ronaldo. Real Madrid superstar 7 million dollars Manchin has just one story because seriously stairs but seven bedrooms eight bathrooms and a car garage, kids play rooms, a trophy room and a crying room where he goes whenever he doesn’t win the battle haha. Outside there’s a very nice swimming pool and a garden with goals set up for what he wants to kick about with Cristiano Jr. when he provided a guided tour around the house recently it became obvious that he’s made some doggy style decisions. I’m talking about leopard print bed sheets porcelain Dalmatians and creepy giant mask status. Fun fact by the way when Ronnie does photo shoots like the GQ one he did with Alessandra Ambrosio. He actually uses a house down the street that nobody lives in, after all, why would you want a Brazilian supermodel in your own bedroom.


You Maybe Fall In Love With Top 5 Footballer Homes

Cristiano Ronaldo

You Maybe Fall In Love With Top 5 Footballer Homes



Number 1:

Our number one footballer house is known informally as Wayne’s World party time excellent. It’s Wayne Rooney’s $8,000,000 Chettiar mansion. English best-paid player grew up in a tiny council house on Merseyside. And now he lives in the millionaire’s village of Prestbury where David Beckham Carlos, Tevez and Peter Crouch of all previously owned property. In 2005 he knocked down a five-bedroom house that was already on the twenty-acre plot and he built a dream crib to his exact specification it includes a swimming pool, a gym, an arcade, a memorabilia room, a football pitch, tennis courts and a spacious enclosure for his pet for lost Raptors. Seriously guys he’s got dinosaurs or rich people do they just don’t tell you about it. Rooney also spent more on some of the furnishings in his house than you thought possible according to the Manchester Evening News his fridge cost twenty thousand dollars and his even cost twenty-eight thousand dollars. Rooney also owns a luxury mansion in Barbados which you can rent out for just eleven and a half thousand dollars a week.


You Maybe Fall In Love With Top 5 Footballer Homes

Wayne Rooney


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